New Regulations

Since 2018 MACI have been working with the IAA to establish
regulations for the flying of Model Aircraft in Ireland. We have been
very successful in protecting the existing facilities we have enjoyed over many years. Over that time we were required to register all our models individually in line with many other countries around the world.

Changes have been made recently which means that flying and operating model Aircraft in Ireland is now subject to the European Union Regulation 2019/947. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) supervises and implements the Regulation in Ireland.

The IAA also provides guidance for operating and flying model aircraft in order to ensure public safety. The Regulation allows registered operators and pilots to fly their models across the EU.

You must register as an “Operator” if your model aircraft weighs over 250 grams or if it has a camera or sensor.

The principal change for MACI members is the closing of the old scheme since 1st Oct 2020 and individual models no longer require registration. The new system is based on registering the “Pilot” and then all your models will carry that single Unique ID.

For many this will be a great saving in time and expense. Until 31st December 2020 we are in a transisition phase with either system complying with the regulations. From 1st January it will be illegal to fly a model aircraft unless carrying the registration number provided by the new EU system.

We are encouraging MACI members to avail of the IAA offer for a limited period until November 30th to register as an “Operator” for a fee of €5.

As per the EU Regulation this will be valid for two years. From November 30th 2020 the fees will increase to €30 for a two year operator registration certificate.

The initial application process is started by logging onto MySRS portal on the IAA Website using the link

There are many help videos and examples on the IAA site should you need assistance.

We are putting together a more detailed guide with the application process for MACI members but in the meantime please try the system yourself, many will have no issues.

Some important pieces of information you will require initially are:
*  For the Insurance Question please use “MACI Insurance”
*  For the Category Question please use “A3”
*  You are not required to take the “Test Questions”