Radio Gear

My first radio set was a Futaba Challenger 6-channel, Purchased in 1988, in a model shop in NW London. I still have the transmitter !

Futaba Challenger.jpg

I then upgraded to a Futaba Field Force 6. This was bought second hand from Model Heli Services.

Futaba FF6.jpg

After many years of good service, I then upgraded to a 2.4Ghz set. This time a Futaba 7C

Futaba T7C.jpg

With the move over to larger models and the idea of putting a smoke pump on, I needed more than 7 channels. So my latest radio, the Futaba T10C

Futaba T10C.jpg


Radio Modeller Trainer

RM Trainer.jpg


Ben Buckle Super 60

Ben Buckle Super 60.jpg

Big Easy


(Chippertoo – never flown)

(Tiger Moth 20 – never flown)

Flair Puppetteer

Flair Puppeteer.jpg

Seagull Edge

Seagull Edge 540.jpg

BlackHorse Home Run

Blackhorse Home Run.jpg

BlackHorse Gladiator

Blackhorse Gladiator.jpg

U-CAN-DO 3D 60

Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D 60.jpg

Piper Cub

Blackhorse Cub.JPG

Pilot RC Sbach 50cc

Pilor RC Sbach 50cc.jpg

Pilot RC Sbach 100cc

Pilor RC Sbach 100cc.jpg